full of items for her, hair dryers, towel s, nail Clippers and

full of items for her, hair dryers, towel s, nail Clippers and

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We have to eat every day, the rice washing water should be no stranger, this effect can make its towels white and soft, the method is to directly wash rice water and towels under the pot and boil for 5 minutes can be achieved.

The second thing is lemon, lemon is a common fruit in life, the taste is very sour, so it is usually diluted with water to make lemonade to drink. In addition to eating lemon, the citric acid it contains also has a good cleaning effect. It is also better to use it to wash towels. Prepare a lemon, cut it into slices, put it into a pot and boil it with water, which is lemonade with very good cleanliness. Soak the dirty towels in lemonade and rub them with your hands. Not only can the stubborn stains on the towels be removed, but also the towels soaked in lemon water will be brighter and whiter in color, and there will be lemon fragrance after washing!

11. Once again, cover the baguettes with a kitchen towel or plastic wrap and let them rise for another hour, or until they have doubled in size.

In addition to the kitchen, that is, the bathroom uses more hardware, the bathroom, to use faucets, towel racks, showers and so on, faucet advice is also to choose pull-type, so when washing hair is very convenient. There are showers do not choose too cheap, the quality of choice is better, this kind of thing is not easy to change often, so to choose some good quality and more durable brand hardware.

Latex pillows can only be washed by hand, never machine-washed, thinking that latex pillows can use the same washing powder as laundry. Wrong, use detergent instead, detergent is relatively gentle to pour detergent into water, stir for a while and then mix and then put the latex pillow in the basin and squeeze it with your hands to wash. After washing, the latex pillow can not directly lift a corner out of the water, because the latex pillow is easy to absorb water in clear water and may tear directly. In this case, drag the center of the latex pillow. Then gently lift the latex pillow out. Prepare a bath towel or towel, then wrap up the latex pillow to squeeze and press. After squeezing, put the latex pillow in a cool gout place and dry it with the help of a fan or hair dryer. Do not expose yourself to the sun, otherwise the latex pillow will soon turn yellow and withered, and it is very troublesome to deal with it. I want to waste the

full of items for her, hair dryers, towel s, nail Clippers and

This bathroom gives the impression that it is very simple, clean and fresh. This is the visual feeling given to us by white, and what applies white in a large area is the white lacquered wooden door of the bathroom. Although this modern refined style bathroom space is narrow, it is full of modern fashion and elegant smell everywhere. Wash Mesa, towel arrangement, white shower curtain, toilet and white wooden door take care of each other, visually build a sense of integrity and unity. Coupled with the hanging black frame and white background simple background wall decoration painting and white door set off each other, clean and fresh room added a bit casual and elegant.

Secondly, the escape exercise should be carried out in an orderly manner. On November 6, the teachers and students of the whole school made clear the requirements and matters needing attention in the escape exercise through the afternoon class, and conducted a pre-exercise during the broadcast exercise time on November 8, so that teachers and students learned to use wet towels correctly, realized the importance of towels in fire escape, and mastered some knowledge of fire safety and methods of self-protection and self-rescue. So as to improve the ability to deal with emergencies. Teacher Huang Yan, director of moral education, made a brief summary of the pre-exercise, pointed out some problems existing in the exercise, and asked the broad masses of teachers and students to establish a high level of safety awareness in their daily study and life, and put safety prevention work in the first place. Due to the rain on November 9, the second formal exercise was not conducted.

The same is true in the bathroom, except for the cosmetics she sees, cabinets and drawers are full of items for her, hair dryers, towels, nail Clippers and hair clips are all ready, even menstrual supplies.

Next, I would like to share some little knowledge of car accidents to facilitate timely assistance in the face of injuries. first of all, most car owners lean down the steering wheel of the car, and when there is an impact, organs such as liver and spleen are also vulnerable to encroachment. suppose that the liver and spleen rupture, there will be abdominal pain when massive bleeding occurs, at this time to prevent random exercise, in order to avoid aggravating bleeding, if the car is found to have a fire and other hidden dangers Slowly leave the car and transfer to safety, waiting for the paramedics to arrive, and the impact or other reasons may cause chest trauma to the driver. If you find chest trauma and bleeding, you should temporarily wrap it with towels or other substitutes to avoid excessive blood loss. If the injured feel pain, swelling or deformity of the limbs, it may be a fracture. If the injured are not suitable for chaos after fracture, they can wait in place for rescue and treatment.